At the beginning of the hottest new year, the glob

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At the beginning of the new year, the global pure alkali industry entered the recovery channel

stimulated by the rebound in demand in the industrial field, the global demand for pure alkali is expected to rebound this year. Michael Wilson, the general manager of FMC in charge of industrial chemicals, said at an investor meeting a few days ago that at the beginning of the new year, the global demand for soda ash has entered a recovery channel. He said: "it is expected that after the global demand for soda ash fell by 3% in 2009, it will increase by about 4% in 2010, and the demand for soda ash will rebound to the level of about 48million tons/year in 2008."

as the largest end market of soda ash, flat glass will become the main driving force for the growth of soda ash demand. U.S. housing starts and car sales rebounded from their low levels in 2009, stimulating demand for flat glass. Wilson pointed out: "in 2010, the domestic demand for soda ash in the United States will increase by about 3%, while in 2009, the decline rate reached 13%."

in addition, China, the world's largest soda ash market, will see its demand increase by 5% this year. Stimulated by the growth of capital and the strengthening of market demand, China's domestic soda ash prices have begun to rise recently. Wilson said that China's new demand for soda ash this year will account for 50% of the world's total

benefiting from the rising market demand, the operating rate of soda ash plants in the United States is expected to remain at a high level of 95% - 100% in 2010. In the leading quarter of 2009, the operating rate of soda ash plants in the United States once fell to an all-time low of 80%, mainly due to the dual impact of China's accelerated exports. Market participants said: "since the leading quarter last year, affected by the sluggish domestic demand, this kind of high-performance reinforced materials can better maintain their mechanical properties under the condition of high-temperature engine refrigerant. Chinese manufacturers have increased their export efforts. In March 2009, the export volume of soda ash reached about 280000 tons, mainly exported to Europe and Latin America." However, American soda ash producers have a greater advantage in cost. They began to increase their exports in the second quarter of 2009 and regained market share. China's soda ash exports also fell back to the level of about 160000 ~ 170000 tons/month. By the fourth quarter of 2009, The operating rate of soda ash plants in the United States has risen to 95%. The theme of her speech is "100% high level of optical fiber coating system designed to enhance the dynamic fatigue parameters of optical fibers.

the total production capacity of the five major soda ash manufacturers in the United States is 14.5 million tons/year. According to the latest survey data, GB/T 16491 ⑵ 008" electronic universal testing machine " In 2009, the output of soda ash in the United States was about 9.3 million tons, 18% lower than that in 2008. The output in December 2009 was 85. 40000 tons, an increase of 3% over November and a decrease of about 10% over the same period in 2008

market participants also pointed out that the contract price of bulk soda ash in North America in 2010 has been determined to be $130 ~ 140/short ton (ex factory price), while the contract price for small and medium-sized buyers is about $190/short ton (ex factory price), which is roughly commensurate with 2009

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