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Packaging ink stands in the front line of tobacco packaging anti-counterfeiting

counterfeiting is one of those dirty "open" secrets in the tobacco world. Everyone knows that there is fraud, and it can cause harm. However, no one knows how deep the wound is, and they cannot accurately explain how much damage the fraud has. More and more tobacco companies are looking for solutions to the problem of counterfeiting and related theft and turnover. These companies often incorporate solutions to these problems into packaging. Now, there are even technologies that can carry out new energy bus business cooperation with Henan Shaolin bus on site or identify products in the laboratory

tobacco companies find that safety is not an easy thing, because Xingwang holdings is an enterprise controlled by Wang Yinghu, Wang Hui and Wang Tao, the actual controllers of Huaze cobalt nickel company, and some methods are also easy to be imitated by counterfeiters. Everyone is beginning to realize that coating safety applications, whether explicit or implicit, are necessary, and these applications must be supported by actively pursued identification and implementation plans

the problem is not just lost revenue. In the past few years, some tobacco companies have established a large number of brand rights, which they must protect. The sale of counterfeit cigarettes or cigars with poor product quality or packaging will keep consumers away from these brands. If the package is stained or smelly, it will even make the company bear the reputation of no guarantee of quality. Brand equity may be one of the most valuable assets of tobacco companies

there is a vacuum in the opportunity to develop a solution, and material suppliers, processors and high-tech enterprises are eager to fill this vacuum. Some companies have developed quite good technology, but the scope of application of this technology is often limited. As a result, they are not close to providing a thorough solution. It is a good idea to work with companies that combine various elements such as packaging inks and safety labels to produce a truly effective comprehensive solution in the market

difficult factors

in choosing methods to ensure product safety, tobacco companies face three difficult factors that must be overcome: quantity, speed and price. For example, due to the large number of cigarettes produced every day, it is practically impossible to use safety applications on each cigarette. In addition, it costs too much to do so

however, it is possible to incorporate safety methods into the design of primary packaging, wrapped cardboard boxes and bandages. Through the visual or other effects produced by the application of ink, tobacco companies can track the products they produce, verify the authenticity of the products, and take advantage of the brand cognitive characteristics that are difficult to copy, so as to prevent their product copyright from being infringed

generally speaking, there are two basic types of safety ink: implicit and explicit. The dominant safety feature is visible to consumers. These may include special pigments with unique gloss or color conversion capabilities, which are often used as trademarks or identification colors, making it easier to identify real products. The recessive effect is to hide, which consumers can't see. However, if you know what to look for, you can see these effects. These effect recognition may require special testing equipment

another possible security application is radio frequency identification (RFID), which enables data to be transmitted by a mobile device called a tag. RFID tags have an antenna that enables these tags to receive and respond to queries from RFID transceivers. Such labels may contain special information about the product, such as production date and location, transfer point, etc. RFID tags have proved very useful in inventory control and supply chain management. However, the cost of these labels and the ability of tobacco processors to apply them all to packaging still need to be addressed. RFID is generally not considered an effective security device, because it is very easy to delete and alter data at will. Consumers are also concerned that the data stored in RFID systems may infringe their privacy rights

variable tags

another possible solution is to use variable tags, which may include a code that provides important information about cigarettes, the source of cigarettes, and the channel of cigarette connect as an ordinary technology entrepreneur to the market. It has been found that counterfeiters can easily print this code to bypass this security barrier -- however, they can do this only when counterfeiters see this code and know where it is on the package. This technology provides the ability to "track and trace" throughout the supply chain

this concept is to apply "coding ink" (ink embedded with special signature code in recent years) to product packaging, and "feel" this ink through the application of proprietary reader and labeling agent technology. These can be combined into any element of the package and cannot be seen by the naked eye

it is estimated that more than 300 companies provide technology to prevent counterfeiting and identify products. Many of these companies offer only one or two elements of secure packaging. However, other companies are closer to providing overall solutions

the scope of these safety problems has developed to the extent that tobacco companies cannot ignore. There are a variety of dazzling safety options in the market. Choosing the right solution can save your brand image and help you regain your lost income

unique anti-counterfeiting characteristics

Sun Chemical is the world's largest manufacturer of printing inks and pigments. It provides products with unique anti-counterfeiting characteristics that can be used for explicit and implicit applications. However, this characteristic is also recognized because it can meet the low stain and strict taste control required by the tobacco industry. It is one of the largest suppliers of inks and coatings to the tobacco industry, with a series of recognized products ranging from letter pattern and tipping paper inks to outer film transparent outer packaging paper. As Sun Chemical is active in all fields of packaging and an international supplier, it can ensure that all products can work together and ensure success. It even produces conductive inks for low-cost printing of rfid antennas

products outside packaging

sunscreee technology of Sun Chemical Company extends to fields outside packaging. It provides exciting new technologies that enable rapid identification of actual products without the use of labeling agents or labels. As a single system, this technology for criminal detection "collects" the "fingerprint" of the whole product, and can also be used to ensure the quality and production source without doping other substances in the product

the identification system of Sun Chemical Company uses a portable field application system to carry out "on-site" authenticity detection of criminal detection and authenticity screening of thousands of samples for high-speed automatic detection. For example, even if other anti-counterfeiting measures are destroyed, tobacco companies can know whether a cigarette is the product they produce in a few minutes. Much like the high-tech criminal investigation evidence shown in the popular American TV series "CSI", this scientific evidence has even been recognized by the court

another important factor to consider in product safety is to ensure that the elements you use to prevent counterfeiting do not fall into the hands of counterfeiters, who will use them against you. The security of supply chain is extremely important. Tobacco companies can produce their products in countless locations around the world. Because the cost of safety ink or special ink products is usually more expensive than traditional ink systems. However, they are much cheaper than many other types of anti-counterfeiting technologies. These inks can be mixed with rare raw materials that combine to produce a truly "high-tech" product, while at the same time ensuring the safety of consumers. The degree of mixing is the key to defeating counterfeiters. Coating safety devices make it difficult for counterfeiters to identify and purchase all special materials used. In some cases, special detection equipment can be added to ensure that more stringent safety standards are met. In general, the cost of purchasing anti-counterfeiting inks is small compared with the possible loss of sales or the reduced trust of consumers due to poor quality "replicas"

all safety and anti-counterfeit inks are customized. Sun Chemical does not openly discuss all options that can be applied to increase the safety of these special inks and prevent any unauthorized use of these materials. When a customer expresses interest in this kind of ink or coating and needs it, he can thoroughly evaluate various options. Sun Chemical does not provide a "one hundred household" product that meets various needs. It can help brand owners understand their needs and determine what options may be most effective for them in this highly confidential field. Usually, only a small number of people within the tobacco company understand the various security features, and they must believe that suppliers such as sun chemicals will ensure their confidentiality

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