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The packaging industry needs a supporting platform to take off

in 2012, the total output value of large-scale enterprises in China's packaging industry exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan, becoming the world's second largest packaging country after the United States. In the next 10 years, the average annual growth rate of China's packaging industry will exceed 20%, which is expected to continue to maintain the leading position in the world. At the World Packaging Industry Summit Forum held recently, Jin Xiangzuo, vice president of the China Packaging Federation and President of the Asia Packaging Center of the World Packaging Organization, said

the contradiction between big and not strong is prominent

China's packaging industry started late, with small scale, backward technology and low degree of intensification. Since the reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly, with the total output value jumping from 7.2 billion yuan in 1980 to 1.5 trillion yuan in 2012, initially forming three major packaging industrial belts: the growth triangle, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai rim. China's packaging industry has formed a relatively complete industrial system with a complete range of products. Many packages say that the wiring polarity is correct, and the scientific and technological achievements of packaging have reached or even exceeded the international advanced level

although China is the second largest packaging country in the world, the contradiction between the large but not strong packaging industry is very prominent. The total number of packaging enterprises in China is 300000, of which only more than 20000 are above Designated Size, and about 90% are small and medium-sized enterprises, showing the characteristics of small cluster synergy, weak R & D capacity, slow transformation speed and so on. Problems such as unreasonable industrial structure, low product grade and weak independent innovation ability have become bottlenecks and weaknesses that restrict the development of the packaging industry. Experts believe that the packaging industry has passed the development stage of increasing, and strengthening the brand and enhancing the international voice will be the main theme of industrial development

from the perspective of development potential and prospect, the packaging industry has the characteristics of long industrial chain, strong permeability and high correlation. The development of manufacturing industries such as food, medicine, agricultural products, textiles and industrial products cannot be separated from the packaging industry. Therefore, it should be regarded as an emerging industry that can effectively drive the development of various industries. Jin Xiangzuo, vice president of China Packaging Federation, believes that the transformation and upgrading of China's packaging industry is of great significance. At present, the total output value of China's agricultural product processing industry has exceeded 15 trillion yuan. If the problems of deep processing and advanced packaging can be solved, the total output value can be increased by at least 20%. In this way, it can not only increase the output value by 3trillion yuan, but also solve the problem of farmers' employment, increase farmers' income, and promote the process of significantly improving the ability of urban intellectual property creation and application

the packaging industry has reached a critical stage of enhancing competitiveness. Xuguanhua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out

in the face of challenges and opportunities, many people in the domestic packaging industry are working hard to open up a new blue ocean

cultivate backbone support platforms

according to the report "2018 global packaging industry forecast" released by the research organization pine, the global packaging industry market will continue to grow at an average annual rate of 4% in the next five years, and the output value in 2018 is expected to exceed US $1 trillion. How can China's packaging industry better share such a large market cake

it is understood that with the authorization of the World Packaging Organization and the approval of the Chinese government, the Asian Packaging Center (hereinafter referred to as the Asian Packaging Center) as the first world industrial center established by an international organization in China has settled in Hangzhou. This is a rare platform for China to seize the commanding heights of international industry and seize the opportunities for global development. Its agglomeration, innovation, radiation and leading role will bring China closer to the world's advanced level by leaps and bounds, and promote China to enter the fast track of building a powerful packaging country. Jin Xiangzuo said

the staff who participated in the preparation of the sub packaging center told that the agglomeration and radiation functions of the sub packaging center have attracted the world's most advanced packaging technology, equipment, materials, products and management to China, and are even attracting WPO (World Packaging Organization) and its members, especially WPO's headquarters, International Packaging Standards Committee and other key institutions to settle in China. Hangzhou has won the settlement of the Asian package center with preferential policies and a good investment environment

making full use of international organization resources to cultivate the backbone support platform of China's packaging industry is a shortcut to accelerate the development of the packaging industry under the new situation. Wangzhongming, Deputy Secretary General of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, said that China's packaging industry also needs the support of such a large platform to enhance its voice globally and gradually participate in and have the right to formulate rules

create a packaging industry center

as a technical personnel of StarCraft, please consult about how to select equipment. It is a world-wide industrial center integrating manufacturing, science and education, research and development, information, trade, culture, finance and services. The planned total area of the sub packaging center is more than 100 square kilometers, and the initial start-up area is 35 square kilometers. The planned total amount of investment and direct investment is more than 20billion US dollars, and the annual sales output value after completion can reach more than 30billion US dollars, The annual import and export trade volume can reach US $15billion

Zhejiang province attaches great importance to the Asian Packaging Center project. Relevant leaders stressed that efforts should be made to build the Asian packaging center into a world packaging industry center, making it a propeller for the structural adjustment of China's packaging industry and an incubator for the new packaging industry

according to the relevant person in charge of Asia Packaging Center Co., Ltd., its strategic positioning is based on domestic and global perspectives. At present, the Asian packaging center has basically completed the layout in China, and has established a number of professional and regional bases. In the future, it will focus on overseas layout, plan to establish international headquarters, and establish several sub bases or branches in major countries. According to the strategic goal of building a world advanced packaging manufacturing center, the sub packaging center will establish a World Packaging Industry Center Alliance by integrating international resources. Join forces with international organizations, chamber of commerce associations, large companies, large enterprises such as oil pumps, oil valves, temperature controllers, etc., which will cause changes in processing conditions. Consortiums, investment and financing institutions, education and scientific research institutions, and industrial leading enterprises will jointly explore cutting-edge topics in the packaging industry, and work together to promote the effective utilization and integration of international packaging industry resources and advanced elements, industrial transformation and upgrading, improvement of innovation capabilities, industrial standardization, and green development, Promote the sustainable development of packaging industry. At present, the global investment promotion activities of the Asian package center are under way

headquarters economy is a development focus of the sub Contracting Center. The Yabao building and the central business district built in the headquarters area will introduce more than 1000 World Packaging Organization members, intercontinental packaging organizations, large companies and groups

at present, Yabao building has been completed, and has signed settlement agreements with the World Packaging Organization, the global alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises and other institutions, as well as settlement and cooperation agreements with a number of world top 500 enterprises and major international companies. The large platform pattern of the world packaging industry center has basically taken shape, and the packaging manufacturing aircraft carrier has begun to take shape. Jin Xiangzuo said

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