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Large scale industrialization of high-end equipment during the 13th Five Year Plan period Lu Bingheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said a few days ago that half of the national "04 special projects" closely related to "made in China 2025" have made technological breakthroughs, 40% have entered industrialization, and large-scale economic benefits are expected at the end of the 13th Five Year Plan period. By then, the gap between China's high-end equipment manufacturing and the international level will be greatly narrowed

In May 2015, the State Council issued the "made in China 2025", and then issued the "guiding opinions on actively promoting the" interconnection "action. In addition, more than 10" national major science and technology projects "plans, including 01, 02, 03 and 04 projects, have been promoted in the past decade, constituting the strategy and technical deployment for the revitalization of China's manufacturing industry

according to the introduction, the "04 special" CNC machine tool special includes CNC, mainframe, functional components and key components. Through efforts, China's high-end equipment has broken through some key technologies, such as 800mn large die forging press and other heavy equipment in the aviation field, filling the domestic technical gap and providing a strong guarantee for the cross generation development of military aircraft and the development of large aircraft

academician Lu Bingheng said that after years of accumulation of the 863 program and the "04 special program", half of China's high-end equipment manufacturing technology has developed from scratch, from weak to strong, and made breakthroughs. Chinese CNC machine tools have reached a great level in design, manufacturing and experiment. For example, five axis linkage machine tools, medium and high-end CNC machine tools and large equipment urgently needed by the country have made great progress

major breakthroughs have also been made in automotive equipment, including stamping, welding, painting and assembly. Among them, stamping has achieved economic benefits. A person from Dongfeng Motor said that welding and painting can also see benefits soon

academician Lu said that 40% of the "04 special" technology experiments can be re analyzed through the graph processing module to enlarge the curve, reaching the international level, and entering the industrialization stage of supporting different utilization fields around the world in the Netherlands. Among them, 20% have achieved large-scale industrialization, and 20% have entered into batch and engineering applications. 8-10 enterprises have gained benefits from these new high-end equipment technologies, which has laid a technical support for the adjustment of enterprise product structure

large scale industrialization or the fourth industrial revolution led by German industry 4.0 five years later has experienced the steam era, the electric power era, the electronic and information technology era. The current information physical system based on logistics and wireless communication is industry 4.0

according to the introduction, made in China is still in the stage of parallel development of industry 2.0 and 3.0. We must follow the parallel development of industry 2.0 supplementary courses, industry 3.0 popularization and industry 4.0 demonstration

it is understood that the idea of high-end manufacturing during the "13th five year plan" period has been clear: made in China 2025 will be combined with innovation, and high-end manufacturing will achieve both catch-up and leap forward under the big plan and market drive. Implement the whole society coordination, including market coordination and national project procurement; Enterprises should become the main body of integrated innovation in industry university research collaboration. Build an innovative platform with new ideas, and use networking, CAD, 3D to detect the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials. Therefore, it needs to be equipped with a large stroke of tensile machine printing, etc. combined with general waste plastic recycling, it can be divided into simple recycling and composite recycling, which can fill the integrated development of Chinese made short boards; We should coordinate scientific and technological plans and lay out "new three bases" sensors, software and big data in intelligent manufacturing; Make a difference in industrial interconnection intelligent manufacturing

aiming at the topic that the high-end equipment industry sector is popular in the capital market, academician Lu reminded investors that basic industry is the gradual development of technology. In order to form a sustainable hot spot for high-end machine tools, enterprises need to do a good job. The overall industrialization of high-end equipment is expected to mature in four or five years, when the gap between China and the international cutting-edge technology can be significantly narrowed

Wang Decheng, Secretary of the Party committee of the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences, also believes that the large-scale industrialization of high-end equipment will take about four or five years

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