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Reasonable selection of cutting parameters

cutting parameters are not only important parameters that must be determined before machine tool adjustment, but also have a very important impact on machining quality, machining efficiency, production cost and so on. The so-called "reasonable" cutting amount refers to the cutting amount that makes full use of the cutting performance of the tool and the dynamic performance (power, torque) of the machine tool to obtain high productivity and low processing cost on the premise of ensuring quality. I. factors considered when formulating cutting parameters cutting productivity in cutting, the metal removal rate and the three elements of cutting parameters AP, F, V maintain a linear relationship, that is, doubling any of these parameters can double the productivity. However, due to the restriction of tool life, when any parameter increases, the other two parameters must be reduced. Therefore, when formulating cutting parameters, the best combination of the three factors is obtained, and the high productivity is reasonable at this time. Tool life the influence of the three factors of cutting parameters on tool life is in the order of V, F and AP. Therefore, in order to ensure a reasonable tool life, when determining the cutting amount, we should first use the back cutting amount as much as possible; Then choose a large feed rate; Finally, the cutting speed is calculated. When finishing the machined surface roughness, increasing the feed rate will increase the machined surface roughness value. Therefore, it is the main factor that inhibits the increase of productivity during finishing. Second, the selection principle of tool life. There is a close relationship between cutting parameters and tool life. When making cutting parameters, we should first choose a reasonable tool life, and the reasonable tool life should be determined according to the optimization goal. Generally, there are two kinds of tool life: the highest productivity tool life and the lowest cost tool life. The former is determined according to the goal of minimum man hours per piece, and the latter is determined according to the goal of minimum process cost. The following points can be considered when selecting the tool life: choose according to the complexity of the tool, manufacturing and grinding costs. The service life of complex and high-precision tools should be higher than that of single edge tools. For the indexable tool of the machine clamp, due to the short tool change time, in order to establish the National Expert Advisory Committee for the development of new material industry, give full play to its cutting performance and improve production efficiency, the tool life can be selected to be lower, which is generally taken as min. For multi tool machine tools, modular machine tools and automatic machining tools with complex tool loading, tool changing and tool adjustment, the tool life should be selected higher, especially to ensure the tool reliability. When the productivity of a certain process in the workshop is limited, especially in the automobile manufacturing industry, medical supplies industry and consumer electronics industry, the tool life of this process should be selected lower; When the cost m shared by a certain process per unit time is large, the tool life should also be selected lower. When finishing large parts, in order to ensure that the tool is completed at least once and avoid changing the tool in the middle of cutting, the tool life should be determined according to the part accuracy and surface roughness. Third, the steps of making cutting parameters, the selection of back feed, the selection of feed, the determination of cutting speed, and the verification of machine tool power. Fourth, the way to improve cutting parameters is to adopt a new tool with better cutting performance, assuming that it is not zero material; On the premise of ensuring the mechanical performance of the workpiece, the universal experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory was changed to have comprehensive functions and improve the machinability of the workpiece materials; Improve cooling and lubrication conditions; Improve the tool structure and improve the tool manufacturing quality

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