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Rules for reasonable application of pearlescent powder in the printing process

this time we mainly talk about the reasonable use of pearlescent powder in the printing process

1. How to use pearlescent powder safely

pearlescent powder is a kind of translucent flaky pigment. If the operator accidentally inhales into the lungs, it will cause corresponding damage to the body. It is suggested that operators should wear masks and rubber gloves before dispensing pearlescent powder, open the package and gently put the required amount into the can (barrel), and then soak it in 30% ethyl acetate or isopropanol for 30 minutes, which is easy to operate, but it is not suitable to stir it at high speed, such as hot formed food packaging box and cover, otherwise the particle size of pearlescent powder will be damaged and its gloss will be affected

2. How to mix pearlescent powder with pigments

gravure printing mainly uses low viscosity liquid ink. When mixing pearlescent pigments, we should choose the binder (resin) with higher transparency and the transparent diluent with better printability. When preparing color ink, we should choose different kinds of color ink according to different paper. White card and white board paper should use pigment pigments, and PET composite paper should use dye pigments. Pigments and pearlescent powder can be mixed, generally not more than 20% of pearlescent powder. If the tone is too heavy, it will affect the pearlescent effect, because pearlescent pigments can have special light interference function only in the ink layer with abundant light, and excessive use of other colored pigments will cause a large amount of pearlescent light loss

deployment method. Diluent: color ink: pearlescent ink = 75:3:22, the proportion of each can be added or reduced according to the desired effect

the concept of industry 4.0 originally came from a high-tech strategic plan operation method proposed by the German government: first mix diluent and color ink (remember: weigh to find out the proportion), mix it to a little deeper than the required sample through scraping, then add soaked pearlescent powder, stir it evenly, and use it after the pearlescent powder is evenly dispersed in the ink

3. Rational use of pearlescent powder on composite paper

for example, printing pearlescent ink on PET composite paper, due to the good smoothness of the paper surface, the success of printing a thing depends on the weather, geography, people and the process, resulting in a decline in the transfer rate of pearlescent ink, at the same time, the covering effect is also poor, and the imprinting and blooming reveal the paper color. Then in the process arrangement, we should take into account the free aftercolor sequence, and print twice with pearlescent ink or primer, so that the pearlescent light effect will be more distinctive; There is no empty residual color sequence. Consider adding appropriate aluminum powder, white ink or transparent ink to the pearlescent ink, so that the pearlescent light effect is slightly lost, but the coverage is improved

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