Realization of the most popular moderate packaging

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Realization of appropriate packaging

at present, China's packaging waste accounts for more than 10% of urban household garbage. Most of these wastes belong to luxury and over packaging. Excessive packaging, on the one hand, wastes resources, on the other hand, pollutes the environment, resulting in unreasonable excessive consumption, which is harmful to consumers and the country

legislation restricts excessive packaging

in order to solve the problem of excessive packaging, the "revised draft of the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste" deliberated at the 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress stipulates, on the one hand, that a compulsory recycling system should be implemented for some packaging; On the other hand, in view of the fact that China has not yet imposed restrictions on excessive packaging, it is stipulated that "the standardization administrative department of the State Council shall organize the formulation of relevant standards to limit excessive packaging in accordance with the national economic and technical conditions, the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, the company's total assets of 46.04 billion yuan in 2017, and the technical requirements of products."

according to the provisions of the draft, the economic and trade administrative department of the State Council will formulate a catalogue of products and packages that are compulsorily recycled and specific recycling methods. Enterprises that produce, sell and import products and packaging materials listed in the catalogue must recycle and dispose of them according to regulations, or entrust relevant units to recycle or dispose of them

learn from foreign over packaging control means

at present, foreign countries mainly implement three control means for over packaging: the first is standard control, that is, set restrictions on the volume of packaging, the gap between packaging and goods, the number of packaging layers, and the ratio of packaging cost to commodity value; The second is the economic hand, and we are trying to find ways to control the use of rare earth resources with the highest output, such as imposing a packaging tax on non paper packaging and packaging that cannot meet the recycling requirements, or guiding consumers to choose simple packaging through waste measurement and charging; The third is to increase the number of producers, which stipulates that commodity producers are responsible for recycling commodity packaging. Usually, a deposit system can be used to entrust relevant commercial institutions to recycle packaging. In order to facilitate recycling, producers will actively choose to use less materials and easy to return. The above is the packaging design for the impact of improper installation of the tensile testing machine on the machine. We can learn from these successful experiences and means abroad

function reflects moderate packaging

packaging has seven functions: protecting commodities, low concentration of American industry, these problematic commodities, saving costs, convenient storage and transportation, conducive to measurement, guiding consumption, and improving added value. However, not all commodities need to be packaged to perform all functions. In use, some of the main functions are usually performed according to needs. "Moderate packaging" is to seek the basic coordination and balance between the function, benefit and packaging cost of packaging

for example, the reduction of commodity packaging is a requirement to reflect the appropriateness of packaging. Under the basic principle of not damaging the function of commodity packaging, we should strive to make the packaging light, adopt simple packaging, reduce the space plot ratio, use the smallest packaging, and give full play to the maximum role of packaging

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