Reasons and common methods of pre cooling the hott

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Reasons and common methods for precooling of fruits and vegetables before transportation

this work is called precooling in the storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables have field heat and high body temperature after harvest. Causal vegetables have high water content, high specific heat and slow temperature drop. The rate of quality reduction is related to temperature. The higher the temperature is, the faster the quality will decline

there are many methods of precooling. The simplest is to spread the product in a cool and ventilated condition to cool it naturally, or immerse the product in cold water. High molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials, or drift and spray with running water to reduce body temperature. Pre cooling storage with ice has a long history in China, and it is still used in some products such as apples, pears, spinach, etc. In foreign countries, air coolers, water coolers and vacuum cooling devices are mostly used for precooling. The temperature to be reached by the cold investment in the pre rather than the new plant varies according to the type, variety, transportation conditions, storage period, etc

source: complete collection of storage, preservation and processing of Guoshu

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